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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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18 police checkposts removed from Islamabad roads

ISLAMABAD: Police pickets established on different roads in the capital city have been removed except those around the Red Zone.
There were 21 pickets, including at Faizabad, Golra and around the Red Zone.
Senior police officers told Dawn that Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed during his visit to the Police Lines Headquarters on Thursday and announced that unnecessary pickets would be removed. Suspicious vehicles will be checked with modern technology instead of establishing checkpoints and conducting checking in queues, he added.
Six vehicles equipped with modern technology have been handed over to the police in this regard, the minister said, adding eight more vehicles would be arranged for the police soon.
“Now people will not be humiliated at police checkposts,” he added.
The senior police officers said in compliance with the interior minister’s announcement, 18 checkpoints wereremoved from roads, including Faizabad and Golra. Three checkpoints around the Red Zone, including Khayaban-i-Suharwardy and Margalla Road, will remain active.


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