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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Indian model Sonam Bajwa gushes over Sajal Ali

KARACHI (Online): Indian model Sonam Bajwa is one of Sajal Ali’s ‘biggest fans’ and cannot stop gushing over the actor’s skill and talent.
During one of her interviews with BBC Radio’s Haroon Rashid for New Year vibes! The star touched upon her 2020 plans even gushed over Sajal Ali’s talent. The topic arose after Rashid commented on how “You comment under every Sajal Ali photo I see.”
Bajwa was overtaken by emotion to such a capacity that, without missing a beat, she exclaimed, “Cause I’m the biggest, biggest fan of Sajal Ali and she is phenomenal.
I feel so happy sharing that because I learn so much from her like she is extra ordinary and I think you would agree with that right? She is the best actress, the finest actress of our time.”
She even added, “She is so amazing and when I watch Sajal’s show I’m looking at her literally like that’s [an] acting session happening for me right there. I really look up to her, she’s phenomenal.

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